Late World Baseball Classic news for January 14, 2013 (Part 1 of ?)

News on the World Baseball Classic front since my post this morning:

  • Anthony Rizzo IS going to be playing for Italy.
  • According to Troy Renck, The question of Troy Tulowitzki, much like that of Joey Votto, is based on that of insurance. However, Tulowitzki is probably less likely than Votto. Also, Wilin Rosario, also of the Rockies, is also passing on the WBC, where he would have been a catcher for the Dominican Republic. Although his Twitter feed also has a post from him saying there is still a chance.
  • Enrique Rojas writes that the two catchers for the Dominican as of now are Carlos Santana and Miguel Olivo, but that there is a chance there will be a third emergency catcher (it’s possible that Rosario is that, and that he will play if Santana or Olivo become injured).
  • Evan Grant writes that Matt Harrison of the Rangers received an invite for Team USA but declined. It’s probable that had he signed up, Andy Pettitte might not have been approached, since they both are lefties.
  • One last Rockies/WBC note: Nolan Arenado is on the Puerto Rican preliminary roster but is unlikely to take part due to the fact he is fighting for the starting 3B spot in Colorado.


More WBC news throughout the day…

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