Early WBC news for Feb. 18, 2013

See today’s early World Baseball Classic news below the jump:

As expected, the Mets are going to forbid Johan Santana from pitching in the WBC. Due to his injury last season, the Mets are able to do this.

Barring last-minute injuries, the South Korean team will not be having any further changes.

Hensley Meulens, “Sir Bam-Bam” himself, will be leaving Giants camp tomorrow to go and manage the Dutch national team. The team that has been playing exhibition games so far has been being managed by other coaches as Meulens got some initial things done in his capacity as the San Francisco hitting coach. By the way, still no word on whether Jurickson Profar, who has been waffling between yes and no, will be playing for the Oranje, although the latest indication seems to be no.

The great Luis Ayala saga for Team Mexico may be the result of the Mexican League/Mexican Baseball Federation feud. Since that seemingly was resolved yesterday, it’s likely that Ayala will be making up his mind really soon.

An article on how Brandon Phillips is looking forward to the WBC, and how he was a batboy in the 1996 Olympics, which included his Team USA teammate R.A. Dickey.

Due to rain, the second warmup game for Samurai Japan has been cancelled. Not exactly a great start for the two-time defending champions. The Netherlands and China will be having another game today and tomorrow before both teams head to Asia.


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