Early WBC News for Feb. 19, 2013

Go below the jump for the latest WBC news:

Each WBC team has a reserve list for players who have agreed to join the team if a player is injured. It’s been confirmed that Jamey Carroll, utility infielder for the Twins, is on the USA reserve list, likely in case a similar utility player like Willie Bloomquist is hurt.

Also out of Twins camp: Samuel Deduno will be on Team DR.

Cuba defeated Australia 5-3 in an exhibition game.

Team Korea’s bats haven’t gotten going yet, as they lost 1-0 to the KBO’s NC Dinos.

Finishing up the list of warm-up games that have been played recently, the Netherlands beat China 8-3 on Monday.

By the way, after the latest round of exhibition/warm-up games, here are the Continuum Rankings:


1.USA 235

2.Cuba 193.2 (PREVIOUSLY: 197.5)

3.Canada 185

4.Dominican Republic 178.56

5.Venezuela 172.28

6.Japan 170

7.Mexico 132.847

8.Netherlands 129.631 (PREVIOUSLY NUMBER 9 WITH 125)

9.Puerto Rico 129.309 (PREVIOUSLY NUMBER 8)

10. Taipei 94.856 (PREVIOUSLY 12 WITH 85)

11T. Korea 90 (PREVIOUSLY T10)

11T. Panama 90 (PREVIOUSLY T10)

13.Australia 74.953 (previously 80)

14.Nicaragua 55

15.Italy 50

16T.Colombia 15

16T.Spain 15

18.Germany 0

19.China -19.631 (previously -15)

20.Brazil -40

21.Great Britain -60

22.Philippines -75

23.Pakistan -90

24.Argentina -105

25.Thailand -120

26.Czech Republic -135

27.South Africa -150

28.Israel -165

29.New Zealand -180

30.Sri Lanka -195

31.Croatia -210

32T.Indonesia -232.5

32T.France -232.5

Keep an eye open for possibly more WBC news later in the day!


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