Early WBC news for Feb. 20, 2013

News from overnight and the morning on the World Baseball Classic is under the jump:

Team USA’s trainer will be Gene Monahan, who was the trainer for the Yankees during Joe Torre‘s time there. He’s coming out of retirement at Torre’s request.

Warm-up games: Korea beat the NC Dinos 6-2. Australia beat an all-star team of Taiwanese college players, 7-1.

The full basically-complete rosters will be released today, but Japan is ahead of the curve, releasing it’s 28-man roster, which doesn’t have any MLB players but does feature the best NPB has to offer. Oh, and (this is edited in later) Korea’s roster is remaining the same it was.

Players that will be shown to be on the WBC rosters when they are released: probably Joey Votto (Canada), as well as Leury Garcia (DR) and Cesar Ramos (Mexico).

Keep an eye open for the full rosters later in the day, should they be released.


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