Late WBC News for March 4, 2013

Go below the jump for the latest WBC news:

The scheduled starters for tonight:

Rob Cordemans (Netherlands) vs. Dushan Ruzic (Australia)

Brazil and Chinese starts unknown

Won-Jun Chang (Korea) vs. Yao-Hsun Yang (Taipei)

Now, more news:

R.A. Dickey is the starter for Team USA against Mexico. Ryan Vogelsong will start against Italy, and Derek Holland will likely go against the lefty-heavy Canadians. Gio Gonzalez will start the first game of the second round, should the USA advance. An additional note: Holland will stat tomorrow in an exhibition against the White Sox tomorrow, with relievers pitching against the Rockies on Wednesday. Joe Mauer will be the DH against Mexico while JP Arencibia will be behind the plate, since he’s been working with Dickey during the off-season and in spring training with the Blue Jays.

Yovani Gallardo‘s brief start tomorrow for Team Mexico- in order to prove he’s not hurt- will likely put him on rotation to face Team Canada, not Team USA.

By the way, Team Canada’s rotation looks something like this, with the pitchers piggybacking each other:

Finally, MLB will be using the Miami pool of the WBC to test out possible new replay technology.

Until next time…

1 thought on “Late WBC News for March 4, 2013

  1. Im getting WBC fever! I’m pumped. Good games coming up. I think Japan will beat Cuba. Cuba’s coach is going to have a heart attack. Korea has a tough game but their pitching looked good.

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