Late WBC News for March 5, 2013

Go below the jump for today’s WBC news:

If today’s games between WBC teams and MLB Teams mean anything (and it’s unlikely that they do, seeing as how they are exhibition games that had minor leaguers on loan take over for some players by the end for the national teams), they mean one thing:

The Dominican is going to destroy everyone, rolling over all comers like a steamroller over a loaf of bread, much like they did the hapless Philadelphia Phillies today, beating them 15-2 on 28 hits. 28. Hits. And it wasn’t like it was against simply minor leaguers either, as 8 of their runs came off Cole Hamels. Hamels has said that he wasn’t going to play in the WBC because he spends his March getting ready for the Phillies’ season. We now have seen why he needs to get ready.

Meanwhile, Team USA had a rather uneven day, tying the White Sox 4-4, coming back after a rather poor inning on the mound by Tim Collins (not helped by the infielders who are just getting to know each other) left them trailing 4-0 at one point. The bigger Team USA news, though, is that Mark Teixeira is out 7-10 days with a strained forearm. Since obviously they need a 1B before that, Teixeira is now off the roster. Who will replace him is an open question, although Team USA is hoping to get a 1B, preferably one who is left-handed, although Paul Konerko is also a possibility.

Other games: Pittsburgh beat Spain 10-0, Canada beat the Brewers 7-4 and the Athletics stopped a late-game Italy rally to win 4-3.

Oh, and Daniel Rodriguez of the Braves’ organization has been added to Team Mexico.

There might be a Late, Late WBC News later, to give the scores of the later WBC exhibitions and any other late news. Keep an eye open.

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