I asked Buster Posey a tongue-in-cheek question, he gave me a short-but-reasonable answer

So, Buster Posey did a “Ask Me Anything” earlier today on the website Reddit. I wish I had some deep insightful question to ask him, but my mind kind of froze and I decided to give him a softball question based on a joke I made on Twitter when the news about the Mauer family’s upcoming kids had come out.

So I asked him this:

Any advice to Joe Mauer on how to be an elite catcher while raising twins?

(I remembered seeing somewhere that Posey and his wife had twins.)

And so, amongst the various snarky comments by others that Mauer has to raise a whole team of Twins, and sarcastic quips that I might be Joe Mauer (which, despite the sideburns, could not be farther from the truth), Posey actually wrote back a quick answer to the question:

Get your rest when you can!

Makes sense. Thanks, Buster. If I somehow see Joe Mauer some time before August, I’ll pass that along.

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