Looking back and waiting for spring

Well, now that the smoke has mostly settled from the World Series, it’s time for a look back at it and a look forward.

First off, the World Series itself. It was, admittedly, not the best series to end the season on. Both clubs had some off-the-field baggage (Houston with the cheating scandal, Atlanta with the continued existence of the chop as well as how they had become a prop for some politicos), and the series highlighted some of modern baseball’s most frustrating features (such as early pitching changes and the degradation of base-running ability for all but a few).

Still, it had some great moments and some big personalities. Freddie Freeman, a Hall-of-Famer in the making (the player most similar to him statistically through the age 31 season is Eddie Murray), now has a ring to show for it. Max Fried had a coming-out party that helped solidify his place as one of the best pitchers in the NL (he had been great the previous two seasons as well, but sometimes the playoffs knocks people higher in the conscious). Jorge Soler, Eddie Rosario, and Adam Duvall proved to be perhaps the best trio of mid-season replacements in years, if not ever, a masterstroke for the Atlanta front office. On the Astros side, the usual suspects were joined by unexpected people like Zack Greinke, who will now likely go down in history as the last pitcher (aside from two-ways like Ohtani) to get a hit. And the two dugouts were run by old-time baseball men in a new-age baseball world: Brian Snitker and Dusty Baker, who both fittingly have deep ties to the late Henry Aaron and his family.

Ultimately, I consider any series that goes at least six games “good.” Nobody likes a sweep or a near-sweep (save for the team that wins, of course). So while the games themselves were, with one or two exceptions, hardly the most entertaining that baseball could give, I am generally happy.

Now, of course, is the offseason. It could prove tumultuous. A lockout in December is considered so likely that The Onion has already made a joke about it. The fact that the work stoppage will come during December is, ironically, probably a good thing, as it makes it more likely that some sort of new Collective Bargaining Agreement will come about before games are lost. However, given the greedy stubbornness of the owners as well as the (largely justified!) grievances of the players (who, frankly, got pantsed in the last CBA), the ultimate outcome is unknown.

What is known as that when a new CBA does come into force it is likely that baseball will have shifted into yet another new era. It is considered all-but-certain that the DH will become universal, and other rules changes will likely also be either implemented or be put on the road to being implemented. The financial rules will also doubtless change, although given the very nature of the CBA those are likely the hardest to predict.

And so we wait…

Finally, a word on Buster Posey. In my opinion, the three most important on-field people in the long history of the New York/San Francisco Giants are (we can argue a bit on the order) John McGraw, Willie Mays, and Barry Bonds. The fourth most important? Buster Posey.


MVP of Yesterday (April 7, 2015): Buster Posey

A dirty little secret about the MVP of Yesterday: most times, it’s simply the player who had the highest WAR on FanGraphs the day before. Such is the case for yesterday and Buster Posey, who had a 0.4 WAR, going 3-4 with a HR, BB and 2 RBIs in a Giants loss.


Jason Heyward: 1

Sonny Gray: 1

Buster Posey: 1

MVP of Yesterday (July 8, 2013): Buster Posey

Somebody can buy Buster Posey a t-shirt that says “I went 5-8 with a HR in a 15-inning loss and all I got was MVP of Yesterday and this T-shirt” now, because that is the case for yesterday.

Amazingly, this is the first time he’s won.

You know the drill: standings under the jump.

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I asked Buster Posey a tongue-in-cheek question, he gave me a short-but-reasonable answer

So, Buster Posey did a “Ask Me Anything” earlier today on the website Reddit. I wish I had some deep insightful question to ask him, but my mind kind of froze and I decided to give him a softball question based on a joke I made on Twitter when the news about the Mauer family’s upcoming kids had come out.

So I asked him this:

Any advice to Joe Mauer on how to be an elite catcher while raising twins?

(I remembered seeing somewhere that Posey and his wife had twins.)

And so, amongst the various snarky comments by others that Mauer has to raise a whole team of Twins, and sarcastic quips that I might be Joe Mauer (which, despite the sideburns, could not be farther from the truth), Posey actually wrote back a quick answer to the question:

Get your rest when you can!

Makes sense. Thanks, Buster. If I somehow see Joe Mauer some time before August, I’ll pass that along.

Late World Baseball Classic news for January 14, 2013 (Part 2 of ?)

More WBC news that has come out (or that I just found) since earlier:

More World Baseball Classic news later (if there is any).

Headlines from Across the Continuum: November 16, 2012

The Newseum puts up the front pages of major newspapers from around the world every day. In this new semi-regular feature, I look at some of that news.

Story: Miguel Cabrera wins AL MVP

El Nacional (Caracas, Venezuela): Miguel Cabrera es el mejor de su liga (Translation from Google: Miguel Cabrera is the best of his league)

El Universal (Caracas, Venezuela): Cabrera Jugador Más Valioso (Translation from Google: Cabrera Most Valuable Player)

Ultimas Noticias (Caracas, Venezuela): ¡Cabrera, el papá de los helados! (Translation from Google: Cabrera, the father of ice cream! Note that from some research it might be better translated as “Cabrera, the pop of pop!” or something like that)

Detroit Free Press: MVP Miggy

Detroit News: Cabrera wins MVP

Daily Journal (Vineland, New Jersey): Trout Takes 2nd in MVP Race

Story: Buster Posey wins NL MVP

San Francisco Chronicle: Remarkable season makes Posey an MVP

The Daily News (Palo Alto): BUSTER MVP

Story: Panama bracket of World Baseball Classic Begins

La Prensa (Managua, Nicaragua): Selección hoy ante Colombia (Google translation: Selection today against Colombia. Selección is a synonym of National Team in Spanish)

La Estrella De Panama (Panama City): ARRANCA LA FIESTA DE BÉISBOL (Google translation: BASEBALL PARTY STARTS)

La Prensa (Panama City): BRASIL SORPRENDE A PANAMÁ (Translation: Brazil surprises Panama- a reference to the result of the game)