Headlines from around the Continuum: November 17, 2012

Baseball headlines from around the world, courtesy of The Newseum

Story: Melky Cabrera signs with Toronto Blue Jays

Saturday (Toronto) Star: Here’s to a good year- Reported signing of Melky Cabrera caps week of impact moves for Jays

Toronto Sun: JAYS JUICED- New York who? Good luck in Boston Farrell. Orioles, Rays… meet the Jays, the new BEASTS of the East!

Story: World Baseball Classic Qualifiers Continue

La Estrella de Panama: Canaleros no pueden perder otro juego (Translation: The Canal-Men cannot lose another game)

La Prensa (Panama City, Panama): Panamá se juega la vida (Panama is playing for their lives)

La Prensa (Managua, Nicaragua): Colombia gana con autoridad (Colombia wins with authority)

(The headline I could find from Colombia was very generic, essentially saying the score, who they beat, and what the event they were taking part in was. Therefore, I’m not including it)

Headlines from Across the Continuum: November 16, 2012

The Newseum puts up the front pages of major newspapers from around the world every day. In this new semi-regular feature, I look at some of that news.

Story: Miguel Cabrera wins AL MVP

El Nacional (Caracas, Venezuela): Miguel Cabrera es el mejor de su liga (Translation from Google: Miguel Cabrera is the best of his league)

El Universal (Caracas, Venezuela): Cabrera Jugador Más Valioso (Translation from Google: Cabrera Most Valuable Player)

Ultimas Noticias (Caracas, Venezuela): ¡Cabrera, el papá de los helados! (Translation from Google: Cabrera, the father of ice cream! Note that from some research it might be better translated as “Cabrera, the pop of pop!” or something like that)

Detroit Free Press: MVP Miggy

Detroit News: Cabrera wins MVP

Daily Journal (Vineland, New Jersey): Trout Takes 2nd in MVP Race

Story: Buster Posey wins NL MVP

San Francisco Chronicle: Remarkable season makes Posey an MVP

The Daily News (Palo Alto): BUSTER MVP

Story: Panama bracket of World Baseball Classic Begins

La Prensa (Managua, Nicaragua): Selección hoy ante Colombia (Google translation: Selection today against Colombia. Selección is a synonym of National Team in Spanish)

La Estrella De Panama (Panama City): ARRANCA LA FIESTA DE BÉISBOL (Google translation: BASEBALL PARTY STARTS)

La Prensa (Panama City): BRASIL SORPRENDE A PANAMÁ (Translation: Brazil surprises Panama- a reference to the result of the game)