Your Offseason Baseball Listings (October 31, 2013)

Crud. Now the MLB season is over. But wait! Don’t worry, here’s a list of baseball games to watch today. Don’t worry, I’m not going to watch all of these. Maybe. (NOTE: I am ONLY using official streams or TV showings, no bootlegs or illegal streams).


4 AM: Australian Baseball League Season Opener- Melbourne Aces (John Hussey) at Canberra Cavalry (Brian Grening), radio feed. Link for radio coverage will be posted here when it goes active. May also be available with video streaming here (click the game).

5 AM: Korean Series Game 6, Doosan Bears (Dustin Nippert starting) at Samsung Lions (Rick Vandenhurk). Doosan leads 3-2 in Best of 7 series. Video Stream can be found here.

And that’s it for today. HOWEVER, this is a CALL FOR ACTION: if you know of a LEGAL, TEAM-RUN and/or BROADCASTER-RUN place for baseball during these offseason months, let me know on my twitter feed. It can be a video of any language, OR a radio feed of English language.

1 thought on “Your Offseason Baseball Listings (October 31, 2013)

  1. live baseball is great, of course, nothing better. the good news is there’s all kinds of classic and recent games on youtube. kinda helps get me thru the next four months (but who’s counting) till spring training and to get over the disastrous news for this New York Yankee fan about the winner of this year’s world series.

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