The All “Share-My-Birthday” Team

Today is my birthday. So, in honor of that, here is the all “Share-My-Birthday” team:

Starting Pitcher: Earl Whitehill, Burt Hooton, Juan Pizarro (can also relieve), Scott Feldman

Relief Pitcher: Dan Quisenberry, Dave Borkowski, Brad Hennessey, Seth McClung, Cy Moore

C: Eliezer Alfonzo, Humberto Cota

1B: Uhhh… Charlie Reipschlager?

2B: Tom Daly, Damaso Garcia

SS: One of the other infielders doing utility-work

3B: Carney Lansford

Outfielders: Al Smith (can also play 3B), Benny Ayala, Charlie Jamieson, Endy Chavez

Manager: Pat Moran

It’s… not the most impressive. It’s hurt by the fact that Babe Ruth found out that he was born on February 6 (he had grown up believing it was February 7 until he finally saw his birth certificate).

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