Looking at the Team MLB roster for the Japan All-Star Series

Above, you can see the roster for the Japan All-Star Series for Team MLB. As you can see, the term “All-Star” is sort of loose. Oh, yes, it’s a good team, and there are plenty of All-Stars on it. It’s definitely a team you’d be able to make the post-season with in a 162 game schedule. But on the other hand, the pitching staff isn’t exactly world-beating and the outfield is thin due to the pull-outs of Bryce Harper and Adam Jones, meaning a utility player like Ben Zobrist or Chris Carter will be playing a bit there. Another worry is that Evan Longoria might have to leave early because his fiancee is very pregnant, and, honestly, I’m surprised he’s going in the first place with something like that going on.

Anyway, here’s a bit of a run-down on the MLB roster… after the jump:

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The All “Share-My-Birthday” Team

Today is my birthday. So, in honor of that, here is the all “Share-My-Birthday” team:

Starting Pitcher: Earl Whitehill, Burt Hooton, Juan Pizarro (can also relieve), Scott Feldman

Relief Pitcher: Dan Quisenberry, Dave Borkowski, Brad Hennessey, Seth McClung, Cy Moore

C: Eliezer Alfonzo, Humberto Cota

1B: Uhhh… Charlie Reipschlager?

2B: Tom Daly, Damaso Garcia

SS: One of the other infielders doing utility-work

3B: Carney Lansford

Outfielders: Al Smith (can also play 3B), Benny Ayala, Charlie Jamieson, Endy Chavez

Manager: Pat Moran

It’s… not the most impressive. It’s hurt by the fact that Babe Ruth found out that he was born on February 6 (he had grown up believing it was February 7 until he finally saw his birth certificate).

Who’s in/out/in-between of the World Baseball Classic as of 8:48 PM of Dec. 17, 2012

The latest ins and outs for the WBC:

  • As expected of a player with a new team, a history of injury and a love of routine, Josh Hamilton does not expect to play in the World Baseball Classic. Perhaps not an official “no”, but basically everything but an official “no”.
  • Minor League journeyman Gabriel Suarez, of Spanish descent, is “looking forward” to the World Baseball Classic. I’m putting him in the possibly/likely category.
  • According to an article a few days ago in a Venezuelan website, Melvin Mora wants to participate in the WBC for Venezuela, at least if the Google Translation means what I think it does. Mora last played in 2011, and I don’t know if he’d make the team, but for now I’ll place him in the possibly/likely category.

Go below the jump for the full look at who’s in, out and somewhere in-between for the World Baseball Classic.

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Who’s In/Out/In-Between as of 7:22 PM of Dec. 9, 2012

Today’s movers and shakers:

Alfredo Aceves has apparently volunteered to play for Team Mexico… as a catcher. He’s a pitcher usually. So either there was some sort of joke he made that got lost in translation in Nick Cafardo’s baseball column at the Boston Globe, or he’s considering a position change. What the heck, I’ll put him in as possibly/likely.

Go below the jump for the whole list:

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