LINK WEEK: Hardball Passport

This week is LINK WEEK, from today until next Saturday there will be a link every day to a neat website.

The first link is perhaps the best link: Hardball Passport. It’s a very simple idea: make a log of every professional baseball game you’ve been to. Every MLB game since the 1975 World Series (Carlton Fisk’s HR, to be more exact) and every MiLB game since 2002 is in there, and they are likely going to add more to the future. It’s a fun way of remembering your past travels. My page, for example, has every MLB game I’ve been to while conscious of my actions (I think I went to a Blue Jays game when I was a baby) and many MiLB games since 2000 (there is no way I’ll ever be able to remember every game I’ve been to). In addition, you can get statistics- what was the best MLB hitting performance you’ve seen in person? What about pitching performance? Summarized for you.

It’s not perfect- some games are marked as being in the wrong stadium (The 7/28/2007 game between Aberdeen and Oneonta was actually held at Doubleday Field in Cooperstown, the 5/6/2012 game between Scranton and Pawtucket was played in Rochester), and certainly it’d be nice if it was easier to find a game that you only have scant memories of (perhaps by a “find game where player X homered and player Y struck out twice and player Z pitched”), but it’s still great. And, what’s more, they also have a basketball site up, with football and hockey versions also on the way.

So check Hardball Passport out.

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