Off-Topic Thursday: Starting next Thursday, Off-Topic Thursday returns with a new feature… Bizarre (Not-Baseball) Culture!

It’s been since last July that I had an Off-Topic Thursday, where I write about things that aren’t baseball. I’ve felt bad about that, so, starting next week, I’m proud to announce that Off-Topic Thursday (and it’s off-season cousin, Off-Topic Tuesday) will return, carrying with them a brand new feature here at the Continuum:



Yes, all the fun of Bizarre Baseball Culture, only with… less baseball. What does “Bizarre” mean? Well, whatever I want it to mean, but in general it’ll mean something other than the usual mainstream. One week it could be a comic book, the next week an episode of a TV series, or it could be several weeks full of Godzilla movies. In other words, every Thursday that I’m able to, you’ll see something… uhh… different.

And don’t expect the usual Bizarre Baseball Culture to disappear, oh, it very much will continue to appear on it’s irregular schedule that can best be described as “when the time is right”.

But, until then, I hope you come back next week for the first installment of Bizarre Not-Baseball Culture

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