30 Teams, 30 Posts (2015): A Haiku About The Braves

In 30 Teams, 30 Posts, I write a post about every MLB team in some way in the lead-up to the beginning of the 2015 season. Previous installments can be found here. Today, I lazily reduce the entire Atlanta Braves into a Haiku.


Atlanta Braves Team

No more Heyward or Justin

Markakis there now




4 thoughts on “30 Teams, 30 Posts (2015): A Haiku About The Braves

  1. Ok, as a Braves fan, I’ll readily admit they are at best an extreme longshot this year. And I enjoy reading your blog. But with all due repsect…c’mon, dude, just a haiku for their post? We still have some good players (Freeman, Simmons), good pitching, and our farm system went from #29 to #6 after all the trades. If nothing else, I figured we might at least get a tongue-in-cheek post about our “new” CF Melvin Upton, Jr…a whole lot of sarcastic comedy potential there.

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