A Quick Note about the OOTP International Competition rosters…

Some people have asked about the rosters for the OOTP International Competition and whether I’ll be releasing the files.

The answer is…. yes. At some point in the future I will.

It won’t be today or tomorrow, or maybe not even next week, as I want to make sure that there aren’t any problems with it either technically or as far as accuracy (there were some errors with the OOTP database that I worked with from the start- for example, OOTP’s default database has Yan Gomes as being born in the USA, when Gomes was born in Brazil and didn’t move to America until he was 12). In addition, there are some areas (mainly stadiums) that I could improve upon- currently all the stadiums other than Rogers Centre and Fenway lack 3D models (which isn’t as big of a deal) and all of the stadiums except Rogers, Fenway and Hiram Bithorn lack true “Broadcast Views” that show photos of the stadium during play (however, I believe I have images of the Tokyo Dome and Estadio Monterrey from mods and add-ons from previous years’ OOTP releases, so I’ll probably add those in).

But anyway, I did save the game as a quickstart, so I have always intended to go back and release it with perhaps minor changes and adjustments to improve upon what I’m using for the International Baseball Competition. So I’ll keep you posted and make it available in the future.


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