MVP of Yesterday (June 9th, 2015): Chris Heston

It was going to take a lot to have baseball get much attention last night. I mean, the NBA finals were on and had another close game, Marvel announced that The Punisher would be in the next season of Daredevil (that’s going to be SO AWESOME), and, of course, there is the day-to-day news- politics, the weather, crime, etc.

And it would have seemed even less likely that Chris Heston of the Giants would be the one to draw attention. I mean, Bryce Harper was playing in Yankee Stadium! Tanaka vs. Scherzer! The Mets-Giants game wasn’t even the biggest baseball game in New York City!

But, nope, Chris Heston, a rookie, went and threw a no-hitter, and had two hits and 2 RBIs as well! He struck out 11 and, for the first time in at least a hundred years, hit three batters with pitches.

So, obviously, he’s the MVP of Yesterday. Standings after the jump.


Corey Kluber: 3

Josh Collmenter: 2

Bryce Harper: 2

Miguel Cabrera: 2

Shelby Miller: 2

Jason Hammel: 2

Jacob deGrom: 2

Adam Jones: 2

Jason Heyward: 1

Sonny Gray: 1

Buster Posey: 1

Adrian Gonzalez: 1

Matt Harvey: 1

Joey Votto: 1

Jimmy Nelson: 1

Jorge Soler: 1

Chase Utley: 1

Collin McHugh: 1

John Lackey: 1

Masahiro Tanaka: 1

Luis Valbuena: 1

Zack Cozart: 1

Johnny Cueto: 1

David Phelps: 1

Felix Hernandez: 1

Rubby De La Rosa: 1

Alex Gordon: 1

Danny Duffy: 1

Marcell Ozuna: 1

Miguel Gonzalez: 1

Tim Lincecum: 1

Madison Bumgarner: 1

Yasmani Grandal: 1

Alexei Ramirez: 1

Michael Pineda: 1

Yunel Escobar: 1

Jake Arrieta: 1

Kyle Lohse: 1

Brandon Crawford: 1

Mike Trout: 1

Kendrys Morales: 1

Mike Wright: 1

Justin Upton: 1

Drew Hutchinson: 1

Josh Donaldson: 1

Noah Syndegaard: 1

Josh Hamilton: 1

Dallas Keuchel: 1

Martin Maldonado: 1

Joey Gallo: 1

Mike Leake: 1

Chi Chi Gonzalez: 1

Clayton Kershaw: 1

Jose Bautista: 1

Chris Sale: 1

Chris Heston: 1


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