Can I interest you in Cy Young’s padlock?

There have plenty of weird finds on eBay of tangentially-related-to-baseball memorabilia. Cy Young’s coffee pot, a Mr. Peanut costume that hung out with Reggie Jackson, Lefty Grove’s tax returns, and, of course, STAN MUSIAL’S WALLET AND IT’S CONTENTS!

And to this, we add another piece of memorabilia that has been touched by a Hall of Famer: a padlock owned by Cy Young!

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 4.26.46 PM

Yes, for the low price of $149.95 (plus shipping), you can own this padlock that was owned at one point by the winningest pitcher of all time. Of course, you may “need a locksmith to open it,” says the listing, but how can you say no to  “a rare piece from the Pitching Legend.” I mean, never mind that it had nothing to do with baseball whatsoever and is probably like countless other padlocks around the world… Cy Young’s fingers touched this thing. And that’s gotta be worth almost 150 dollars, right?


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