A preview of what is coming up in the next few weeks and months

So, now that the Baseball Continuum is back, albeit on a weekly basis (more or less), what can you expect in the coming weeks an months? Here’s a preview:

  • World Baseball Classic coverage. There are some rumors that should this coming WBC not make enough money, it could be the last WBC, at least for a good long while. So, I will be making a case for the World Baseball Classic. This will be sometime in the next week.
  • Bizarre Baseball Culture will return with a tribute to something from my childhood: The Power Rangers! That will come in the lead-up to the gritty Power Rangers movie reboot nobody asked for but honestly doesn’t look as bad as I thought.
  • Finally finishing that Chicago travelogue, seeing as how it now feels like a half-year old.
  • And more!

So stayed tuned to the Baseball Continuum!


BLOG DEALINGS: The Return of the Baseball Continuum

Miss me?

Well, I’ve been gone awhile. But now I aim to get back to this blog. I won’t be able to do it as much as I once did- I have a job now, and other occasional responsibilities. That said, starting next week I hope to have at least one post every week, hopefully of a high quality.

That said, a few notes:

  • Sadly, I won’t be able to do another blogathon. For one thing, I wouldn’t have the time since I work weekends. For another, even if I did have the time it is way too late to get all of the pieces together for this weekend. Sorry!
  • I also will have to drastically scale back my WBC coverage, for similar reasons.
  • That said, I do hope to do features like Bizarre Baseball Culture, taking advantage of my new weekly format to put even more attention and effort into them!

So… welcome back to the Baseball Continuum, now in a weekly format!

There are changes coming to the Baseball Continuum

If you follow me on other sites, you’ll know that I have begun a job at a local TV network here in Rochester. And that means that my schedule and priorities have changed, and thus so must the Baseball Continuum.

No, it’s not closing. Far from it. But it is going to be less frequently updated, with longer pieces making up for the lack of daily updates. I’m totally ditching MVP of Yesterday (since I’m not sure anybody read it anyway) and by extension the Mr. Octobers tracking I’ve done in previous years. In addition, you’ll probably see less from me on days where I work, simply due to time constraints.

That said, the usual features, as well as WBC coverage, will continue! So please, make sure to keep visiting the Baseball Continuum.

A Note On The Advertisements On The Blog

You may have noticed an increase in political advertisements on the blog lately, primarily dealing with presidential candidates. I would like to disclose that while I do have a preferred candidate, this blog is meant (mostly) to be apolitical. The advertisements that are shown are from the network that WordPress subscribes to and are out of my control, and are not necessarily reflective of my own political stances.

Thank you.

Back from #GlickTrip16


Well, I am back from Chicago (and Milwaukee) and so I’m going to get back to the blog. I had a great time, and you’ll see some of the pictures from my time there in the coming days and/or weeks. In addition:

  • Later today, there will be the post of MVPs of the last few days.
  • There was a LOT of WBC news while I was gone, so I’ll be getting caught up on that.
  • I’ll also be having more WBC projections.
  • And, finally, there will be another Bizarre Baseball Culture and another installment of International Baseball Culture, although those don’t have hard dates yet.




A word on this week and an announcement:

  • First off, starting this Friday I’ll be going to Chicago and Milwaukee for a whirlwind 3-and-a-half-day trip featuring three MLB stadiums, a few museums, and who knows what else. As a result, the Baseball Continuum will probably be on a brief hiatus.
  • However, before then, there will be a BIZARRE BASEBALL CULTURE. It was supposed to be this weekend, but I forgot it covered two issues of a comic book so I didn’t set aside enough time then.
  • A late-but-needed feature about baseball stadiums and Pokemon Go.
  • And, of course, there will be MVPs of Yesterdays until my vacation starts.