MVP of Yesterday (September 9, 2015): Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper had two home runs yesterday, and went 3-4. But, of course, that wasn’t enough to salvage the Nationals’ series, as they lost again to the Mets.

Standings, as always, after the jump:

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MVP of Yesterday (4-20-2013): Bryce Harper… again.

3-for-3. Two homers. 3 RBIs. A walk. All in a close 7-6 Nationals win. Bryce Harper is pulling ahead in the MVP standings (which can be found after the jump).

Honorable mentions: Daniel Nava, Lorenzo Cain, Joey Votto, Chris Davis, Mike Trout, A good chunk of the Cleveland Indians

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MVP of Yesterday (April 17, 2013): Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper may not have had the most RBIs or the clutchest hits. But he did have 4 hits… despite flu-like symptoms that had him at one point vomiting between innings.
With this, Harper becomes the first two-time winner of the MVP of Yesterday- the standings can be seen after jump:

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MVP of Yesterday (April 11): Bryce Harper

Going 2-3 with 2 RBIs and 2 walks, Bryce Harper helped pace the Washington Nationals to a 7-4 win over the White Sox.

Honorable Mentions: Adam Jones, Prince Fielder, Josh Donaldson, Doug Fister, Pre-Injury Zack Greinke

MVP standings (under jump):

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Random Semi-Humorous Post: And they say American fans don’t care about the WBC…

The WBC is an afterthought for most Americans, aside from freaks like me. But let it not be said that everyone has that opinion. Rest assured, the WBC is a big deal for some people. Just look at what I found while looking on Twitter for WBC news:


Yes, a yogurt place in Orem, Utah is offering Bryce Harper free yogurt for life if he changes his mind about the World Baseball Classic. Harper is from Nevada and has family in Utah (his girlfriend is a star soccer player for BYU), so he presumably would be able to stop in Orem to collect it. But will the power of yogurt be enough? Time will tell…

Somebody get Harper and Trout into the All-Star Game

The two great young stars of baseball right now, I mean the really young stars, are the Angels’ Mike Trout (20) and Washington’s Bryce Harper (19). They are in opposite leagues, hit from opposite sides of the plate, play on opposite coasts and have received the opposite amounts of hype (Harper was hailed as the second coming, Trout’s emergence in the bigs has been far more subdued), but they both have been playing like they’ve been in the Majors for years, instead of months.

To pick which one is “better” is a fool’s errand, it is too early to really project the (hopefully long) careers of the two, and although Trout is having the better season (.354 BA/.412 OBP/.565 SLG compared to Harper’s .295/.381/.527), who knows what the future may hold for them?

I personally hope the future involves the 2012 All-Star Game in Kansas City.

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