“30 Teams, 30 Posts” (2015): The ABCs of the Colorado Rockies

In 30 Teams, 30 Posts, I write a post about every MLB team in some way in the lead-up to the beginning of the 2015 season. Previous installments can be found here. Today, the Colorado Rockies.


A is for Altitude, of which Denver is quite high.

B is for Blackmon, who had six hits in a game, oh my!

C is for CarGo, coming off a down year.

D is for Dickerson, CarGo’s outfield peer.

E is for Eddie Butler, of whom I know little, see?

F is for Fourth, in the NL West they will be.

G is for Galarragga, who had quite the hitting niche.

H is for Hawkins, one final year to pitch.

I is for Isotopes, home of their AAA players.

J is for Justin, of the Canadian Eh-ers?

K is for Kendrick, formerly of the Phillies.

L is for Low April temperatures, which can give you the willies.

M is for the Mahieu, that comes after Le.

N is for Nolan the Arenado, not Ryan the P.

O is for Ottavino‘s beginning and end.

P is for Power-hitting, which the humidor tries to mend.

Q is for Questions, of which the Rockies might have many.

R is for Rex Brothers, not as tall as Brad Penny.

S is for Stubbs, who was not a Sooner.

T is for Tulo, who’s trade is ever rumor.

U is for Uniforms, occasionally purple.

V is for Vinny Castilla, because nothing rhymes with purple.

W is for Weiss, the Rockies’ skipper.

X is for Xylophone, there are instruments that are hipper.

Y is for Ynoa, Rafael to be exact.

Z is for Zobrist, an A just to keep the alphabet intact.

Tomorrow: Texas Rangers.



Picture of the Day: Derek Jeter Scouting Report

By way of Reddit and Twitter, here’s how the Colorado Rockies scouted Derek Jeter of Kalamazoo, Michigan back in 1992:

Let’s see here… this Rockies scout figured he had below-average hitting potential, but good speed, fielding, arm strength and especially “make-up” (INTANGIBLES!) . He noted that Jeter physically resembled Gary Green, then in the Reds organization, and declared that, despite his flaws, he was athletic enough to adapt and improve. He finished by noting that Jeter was a future All-Star and would almost certainly sign out of High School (although he had signed with the University of Michigan as a “security blanket).

Of course, Jeter was gone long before the Rockies’ first pick that year (they had the 27th pick, a result of being a expansion team that was not to start playing until 1993). Still, an interesting look at the early days of one of the game’s great players.

Somebody sign Jamie Moyer, please

Jamie Moyer was designated for assignment on Wednesday. Only time will tell whether he will get picked up by somebody else. But I hope he will. He is, by all accounts, one of the best people in the game. And, what’s more, I think he probably could still do pretty well in a park that is more of a pitcher’s park.

You see, although the humidor has done wonders for changing Coors Field from a pinball machine into something more like a normal ballpark, it still is, in many ways, more of a place for hitters. Last season, for example, the Rockies hit .277 at home but .244 on the road, and hit over 50 more HRs at home than they did on the road.

A team like San Francisco, Anaheim, St. Louis, the Marlins or the Dodgers could use a guy like him near the back of the rotation, as their more pitcher-friendly parks would be better suited for Moyer’s style.