MVP of Yesterday (August 3, 2016): Joe Mauer

With four hits and ending just a HR from the cycle, Joe Mauer is the MVP of Yesterday.

Standings, as always, after the jump:

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The MVP of Yesterday: The Real Heroes

Today, I’m not going to write about yesterday’s baseball MVP (although I did pick one- you can see who it was by going down). Instead, I’m going to talk about real heroes. People like these guys. Or these guys. Or former Patriots’ lineman Joe Andruzzi. Heroes. People who, whether professional emergency personnel or merely concerned citizens, whether rich or poor, run not away from horror, but straight towards it, whether it be to save family, friend, or, so often, complete strangers. They are the best of us, and yet they could be any of us. And they need not be the ones actually there helping the injured. They could just as easily be people who gave blood, or who offered shelter to runners and victims who found themselves stranded as Boston was hit by such horror and chaos.

There will no doubt be talk in the coming days of the fiends who murdered innocent people yesterday. People will play armchair psychologist and armchair terrorism expert. But, far too much, the talking heads will forget the people who fell victim to this act, and far too much, they will forget the people who did not run away… but run towards the danger.

Stay strong, Boston.

(Note: For standings purposes, I have chosen yesterday’s MVP- Joe Mauer. He went 4-5 with three RBI and was a triple away from the cycle in the Twins victory. Go below the jump for the MVP standings.)

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No, Joe Mauer is not getting traded.

So, apparently Joe Mauer has been placed on waivers. Now, technically, seemingly every player is placed on waivers at one point or another almost every year, just as a formality to get an idea of what is out there. 99.8% of the time, it seems, nothing happens. But he’s Joe Mauer, the Dodgers and Red Sox recently had one of those 0.2% exceptions, and having speculation that one of the league’s best catchers is on waivers is a good way to get page views. Why, I’m guilty of that last one myself with this.

So, is Joe Mauer getting traded?

No. I can say with 99.8% certainty- albeit with the caveat that I do not have any sources in any Major League front offices- that he is now. Three reasons:

1) He’s Joe Mauer. He might not be as popular in the Twin Cities as he once was, and he probably is never going to be able to hit for power like he used to, but he remains the Twins’ most popular player and biggest drawing card. With the Twins now getting the 2014 All-Star Game, and with little else to cheer about, it would be a PR disaster to get rid of Joe Mauer for anything less than for multiple All-Stars.

2) Even if they did want to trade him, it’s unlikely anybody would have something to offer and be able to take on all of his salary. Okay, the Dodgers seemingly have broken into the Yankees’ room and stolen their “unlimited money” cheat codes, but money alone wouldn’t do it. It’s highly unlikely anybody would be able to offer both the money and the players needed for such a deal.

3) Players are placed on waivers all the time and nothing ever happens. And there is no reason to believe this is any different.

The Mauer deal is still worth it

Joe Mauer is still the face of the Minnesota Twins, and one of the faces of baseball in general, but he’s been under siege ever since he signed his 10-year extension and the Twins moved to Target Field. He’s not playing up to his contract, he no longer hits for power, he’s no longer a perennial MVP candidate, merely an All-Star (and even that might be stretching it- Matt Wieters and Cleveland’s Carlos Santana have better Wins Above Replacement on the Baseball Gauge).

He’s probably not worth the $23 million a year he’s getting, I understand that. I also think that the deal had to be done. Not for on-the-field reasons, but for off-the-field reasons. Psychological reasons. Go below the jump to see why.

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