The best defunct baseball team identities for every MLB city (Part 2: National League)

The history of baseball is full of team names that no longer exist. This brings up the question, however: what is each city’s BEST former baseball identity? And are they better than the current one?

I’m going to look and find out. I started with the American League, and now on to the National League.

A few rules:

  • These are professional team identities only. No amateur teams.
  • For cities with multiple teams, I’ll go with either a team that is located in the same general area or which has historical connection.
  • Team names that have migrated (such as Giants or Athletics) can’t be reused.

Let’s begin again after the jump:

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2014 SEASON PREVIEW (PART 7): Best Case/Worst Case for… the NL EAST (with Getty Images)

We reach our last installment of Best Case/Worst Case… with, of course, sometimes irrelevant images from Getty.

Here we go:

Atlanta Braves:

Embed from Getty Images

Best-Case Scenario: World Series. I mean, look at that pitching staff! Look at the young hitters! They should at least make the playoffs, right.

Worst-Case Scenario: Well, unless their pitching gets hurt. If that happens, there could be big trouble.

Worst-Case Scenario That Could Actually Happen: Whoops. It’s already happened.

Washington Nationals

Embed from Getty Images

Best-Case Scenario: The World Series comes to Washington for the first times since the 1930s, while Bryce Harper makes a great leap forward into near-Trout levels of awesomeness, bro.

Worst-Case Scenario: Stephen Strasburg’s arm spontaneously combusts during a game.

Worst-Case Scenario That Could Actually Happen: Harper stagnates, Strasburg and Friends get hurt, Matt Williams is not a good manager, etc.

New York Mets

Embed from Getty Images

Best Case Scenario: Everybody stays healthy and they don’t embarrass themselves too much before Matt Harvey returns next season from Tommy John. Maybe some of the prospects, like Noah Syndergaard, make their first appearances.

Worst Case Scenario: This is the Mets, so you should imagine your worst case scenario for them then multiply it by 500.

Worst Case Scenario That Could Actually Happen: This is the Mets, so you should imagine your worst case scenario for them then multiply it by… 499.

Philadelphia Phillies

Embed from Getty Images

Best Case Scenario: The Fountain Of Youth hits the Phillies and they do one last run.

Worst Case Scenario: They are a bunch of old guys who play like it, and Ruben Amaro still acts like it’s the last years of the previous decade.

Worst Case Scenario That Could Actually Happen: See above.

Miami Marlins
Embed from Getty Images

Best Case Scenario: Giancarlo Stanton hits lots of dingers, Jose Fernandez is awesome.

Worst Case Scenario: The above doesn’t happen….

Worst Case Scenario That Might Actually Happen: See above.


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The early voting for the NL All-Stars also aren’t terrible!

Yesterday, I looked at the early voting for the American League All-Stars. Today the NL’s early voting results came out, so, here are my early impressions on them:

Okay, catcher. It’s Posey, then Molina, then everyone else. Seems about right, as the two of them are by far the best catchers in the NL.

First Base has Joey Votto with a big lead, and he deserves it. Paul Goldschmidt, however, is having a much better year than Brandon Belt, who inexplicably is in 2nd place.

Brandon Phillips isn’t a bad leader at second, but there are others, including Marco Scutaro and Cardinals Super-Utility Matt Carpenter, who are doing better than him. I have no idea how Dan Uggla is in the top five with his .175 batting average and league-leading 71 strikeouts.

Troy Tulowitzki is the correct answer at Shortstop.

Third Base is where I have a bit of a nitpick, as Pablo Sandoval holds a small lead over David Wright. Given that this All-Star Game is taking place in Flushing, I feel like it’d be better if Wright was the starting 3B and Kung Fu Panda was the DH (since the DH is now used at all All-Star Games). That’s just my opinion, though.

The outfield, much like the outfield with the AL, is really hard to pick. It’s hard to argue with Justin Upton (although he has cooled off significantly lately), Bryce Harper and Ryan Braun, but Shin-Soo Choo, Carlos Gomez and plenty of others are also having great seasons. So many good choices but only three starting spots!

That said… again, not that bad of a early ballot results, although I feel like the Braves and Giants may be trying to stuff the ballots. Although, admittedly, every team does that- it’s just that the Giants and Braves are doing the best at it this year so far.