Pictures from #GlickTrip16 (Part 1)

At the end of August and the very beginning of September, I went to Chicago (and Milwaukee) with my father on a long-delayed trip to the three MLB stadiums there, as well as some museums and other sites. This is the first of three or four installments featuring pictures and memories/neat stuff I remember. Go below the jump (after the first picture) to see them:

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Last Night in One GIF (Division Series Day One)


Through the postseason, I’ll be posting a GIF that summarizes the events of the previous night.

Much like Nori Aoki here, the Royals had a bit of an unusual way of getting there, but in the end it worked out for them last night.

Meanwhile, as for the Orioles/Royals game, here’s a artists rendition of the Orioles’ 8th inning: