Random Video: English baseball player gets hat and sunglasses knocked off by a bad throw… but nothing else

We go the North of England, where the Sheffield Bladerunners of the British Baseball Federation are playing catch between innings:

Didn’t see it? Let’s look at the slo-mo version:

That’s Josh Taylor of the Bladerunners getting his cap and his sunglasses knocked off by a throw…. and nothing else. You’d think you’d at least break your nose or something, but the pitcher (Nestor Martinez) was able to somehow accidentally “William Tell” him and take off everything on his head without actually hitting or hurting Taylor.

What were the odds of that?

MISTAKES OF 2013: The Stupid Hat-In-The-Scanner Trick

Not everything I did on the Continuum was good. Some of it was bad. For example, this, uhm, “post” from August 9.

I don’t know why, exactly, I have an Athletics cap, but I decided to put it in a scanner. This is what it looked like: