Pieces of the Blogathon you may have missed

Hello, a quick interruption here to tell you about the early-morning Blogathon pieces you may have missed today. While I try to get everybody into a spot where people will be reading, obviously due to the vast number of pieces it’s not possible to totally avoid having some people fall into times where most people are asleep.

So, please, take a look at these Blogathon pieces you may have missed, and don’t forget to donate!

Jonathan Weeks’ “The Greatest Man I Have Known”

Mets Daddy’s “Highs and Lows of 1986”

Seth Poho’s “2016 Nuclear Plant Team”

Yakyu Night Owl’s “Dreams of Kenji-Kun”

Matt Wojciak’s “Middle Relief Report”

Matt Taylor on Adam Jones

Thank you, and we now return to the Blogathon.