In Case You Missed It: WBC Pool C, D and 1 Previews

With Pools C and D of the WBC’s first round starting, and Pool 1 of the second round (it is happening earlier so that there is less jet-lag later on) also beginning, here are the previews of those pools. Note that in some cases they (whether they are rosters that have had last-minute changes or information about a country) are out of date- for example, the preview of Venezuela mentions that Hugo Chavez is the country’s president, since I wrote it before he passed away.

Pool C Preview (Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Spain, Dominican Republic)

Pool D Preview (USA, Canada, Mexico, Italy)

Pool 1 Preview (Cuba, Japan, Taipei, Netherlands)

So, there you go.

Picture of the Day: Hiram Bithorn

Hiram Bithorn (also known as Hi Bithorn) was the first Puerto Rican to play in Major League Baseball. The largest stadium in San Juan is named after him, and has this statue of him outside of it:

This picture, used under a creative commons license, was taken by Andy Williams.

World Baseball Classic Preview: Pool C (San Juan)

Pool C is sure to be an interesting pool, with three big baseball countries that have plenty of history against each other as well as a Spanish team that will be able to call on some ringers that could make things interesting.

Go below the jump for the whole preview.

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