MVP of Yesterday (May 5, 2014): Troy Tulowitzki

Troy Tulowitzki is having a helluva of a year so far. And last night was no exception, as he went 2-3 with 2 HRs, 4 RBIs and 2 BB.

It’s Tulo’s 3rd MVP of Yesterday for the year, as he’s in hot pursuit of Giancarlo Stanton!

Standings, as always, after the jump:

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Late World Baseball Classic news for January 13, 2013 (Part 3 of probably 3)

Okay, last update for the night… I hope.

    • In his article on the latest round of players to commit to Team USA, Jon Heyman mentions that Troy Tulowitzki will be held back from Team USA do to injury concerns. I had read elsewhere that Tulowitzki wanted to play in the WBC almost specifically to show how healthy he was, but maybe the Rockies are stopping him.
    • Adam Wainwright won’t be pitching in the WBC… but then again, he wasn’t even invited.
    • Barry M. Boom’s list of players who have committed to Team USA includes Jimmy Rollins, the first confirmation in recent days that he’ll be on the roster.
    • And, perhaps the biggest news:

Okay, so there you go: Justin Verlander will take part if he feels up to it. And there is still room for one more catcher on the roster (Posey? Wieters? Ellis?).

More WBC news as we get closer to roster day on Thursday.