The Marlins go early and Ozzie gets some final naughty-words in during the final episode of the 2012 edition of “The Franchise”

So, it is done. The Franchise on the Miami Marlins is done. Much like, it should be noted, the Marlins’ playoff hopes. This was why it has ended early, only going seven episodes instead of the originally planned eight. Showtime and MLB Productions were having a hard time making the Marlins interesting as they fell deeper and deeper into the basement, so they basically just threw up their hands and said “screw it”. The result is a final episode where the documentarians basically throw in every prepacked bit they hadn’t included already, focus somewhat on the future of the Marlins, and with heavy doses of what might have been. Oh, and Ozzie Guillen swears. Of course.


  • This episode was heavy on a reflection of how this season was going to change Miami baseball forever… and it really didn’t. There isn’t any real finger pointing about what went wrong, although the problems with the bullpen are again mentioned.
  • Greg Dobbs, apparently, is the most interesting man in baseball, according to Logan Morrison. Apparently it started as Twitter joke that grew out of control.
  • Part of this episode, as I mentioned, is focused on how, despite their troubles this season, the Marlins actually are in sort-of good shape for the future. They got some prospects during the mini-firesale, after all, and most of their core (Giancarlo Stanton, for example) are going to be sticking around.
  • Ozzie Guillen says the worst moment was the whole Castro thing.
  • My suggestions for next year’s Franchise: The Yankees (yeah, right), the Red Sox (fat chance), the Nationals, or the Dodgers. The Rays could be neat, too.

And now, the final Ozzie Guillen swear-word counter:

F-Bombs: Approx. 3

S-Words: 0

Other: 2 (both F-bombs with “mother” attached)

Total number of “Carlin Words” in Episode 7: 5

Total number in The Franchise: 110 (about one swear word by Ozzie Guillen every 131 seconds or so)

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