The Marlins go early and Ozzie gets some final naughty-words in during the final episode of the 2012 edition of “The Franchise”

So, it is done. The Franchise on the Miami Marlins is done. Much like, it should be noted, the Marlins’ playoff hopes. This was why it has ended early, only going seven episodes instead of the originally planned eight. Showtime and MLB Productions were having a hard time making the Marlins interesting as they fell deeper and deeper into the basement, so they basically just threw up their hands and said “screw it”. The result is a final episode where the documentarians basically throw in every prepacked bit they hadn’t included already, focus somewhat on the future of the Marlins, and with heavy doses of what might have been. Oh, and Ozzie Guillen swears. Of course.


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Ozzie Guillen is silent, Jose Reyes’ streak ends, and Eritrea comes into play in the 6th episode of “The Franchise”

First off, let me show you the “Carlin Word” count for Wednesday’s episode of The Franchise for Ozzie Guillen:

(this space intentionally left blank)

There weren’t any. The total number of times he’s used a swear word on The Franchise remains at 105. On average, Ozzie Guillen swears about once every two minutes.

So, there you go, people-only-here-to-read-about-Ozzie-Guillen-language. Now, everyone else, go after the jump to read my observations

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Episode 5 of The Franchise is Wives’ Day

Episode 5 of The Franchise (Miami Marlins edition) is definitely different from the previous episodes. For one thing, by now everybody knows, in the aftermath of the trade deadline, that this team isn’t going to be the paradigm-shifting one that Jeff Loria had hoped it would be for Miami baseball. The opening title sequence, which once had people talking about how this was going to be the Marlins team that was going to go against the best of the best and change everything, now has more reflective quotes about how it hasn’t gone so well and they are trying to fix things. For another, this episode is focused heavily not on the players, but rather their wives. Go below the jump for more, as well as this week’s Ozzie Guillen counter.

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Ozzie Guillen doesn’t show up that much as the Trade Deadline dominates in the 4th episode of “The Franchise”

This week’s episode of The Franchise focused on the Trade Deadline, primarily focusing on the front office, the players being traded, and the players being traded for.

Go after the jump for thoughts and the weekly count of Ozzie Guillen’s foul mouth.

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The fire sale begins and family takes center stage in the oddly low-swearing third episode of “The Franchise”

It’s time again for the Miami Marlins’ edition of The FranchiseLast time, I noted that there was no reference to Ozzie Guillen’s feud with Bryce Harper over the amount of pin-tar on his bat. Well, that basically opens up this episode. After that, though, it becomes focused on two things: the beginning of the latest fire sale as the Marlins continue to fall out of it, and families. More after the jump, including the latest installment of the “Ozzie Guillen ‘Carlin Words’ Counter”:

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The Second Episode of 2012’s “The Franchise” saw Ozzie Guillen say the F-Word about 18 times, and other observations

The second episode of this season of The Franchise wasn’t as long or as good as the first, but it still entertained while providing a unique look at the Miami Marlins, focusing primarily on Giancarlo Stanton’s surgery, Logan Morrison’s trip back to his hometown of Kansas City, and the unexpected rise of Justin Ruggiano, but still getting in some good Ozzie Guillen sounds before the end, as he chewed out the team immediately following the All-Star Break. Thoughts and the “Ozzie Guillen ‘Carlin Words’ Counter” after the jump:

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Review and observations of the first episode of the 2012 edition of the Franchise (and the debut of the “Ozzie Guillen ‘Carlin Word’ Counter”)

The first real episode of The Franchise aired on Wednesday night (a preview episode aired earlier in the year, and this episode recycled some of the material from that). While last year they dealt with the relatively-boring San Francisco Giants, this season, Showtime and MLB Productions are following the Miami Marlins, a far more hectic and colorful club. This episode- which covers roughly the first half of the season- features a bit on the team’s off-season makeover, the opening of the new stadium, Ozzie’s infamous comments about Fidel Castro, and the setting-up of certain players and storylines that will probably be followed throughout the season. It’s a good show, perhaps only failing in not sticking with the Castro incident longer (it was covered far more in the preview episode, if I remember), but make sure no young children are around while watching.

More after the jump (and SPOILERS), including the first installment of the Ozzie Guillen “Carlin Word” Counter:

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