Blog Dealings: Stats on this Site that probably only interest me

WordPress has a feature where you can see from what countries people are looking at your blog from, as well as what they are searching for. The results for me are quite varied and in some cases surprising. So if you are bored, go after the jump to see some of the things I have gleaned from the data:

Number One: People from all over the world have looked at this blog

Here’s a screenshot of a map of places that people have visited the Baseball Continuum from:

As you can see, while it is (not surprisingly) predominantly Americans that come to the Continuum, this site has had visitors from every continent except Antarctica, primarily because it’s not even on this map (if you have visited this site while in Antarctica, please let me know, and provide proof).

Here’s a list of about the top 25 countries for visitors to the Baseball Continuum:

I expected the USA and Canada to come in at the top, and was hardly shocked traditional “baseball countries” like Puerto Rico, Japan and Korea follow up. And while the UK was a bit of a surprise, the fact that they speak English there- and that there are  plenty of American expats living there- explains the 256 British views.

Another thing of note is that, of these 25 or so countries, all but Finland, Belgium and Denmark have participated in or will participate in the World Baseball Classic. In fact, I have received at least one visit from every country that participates in the WBC, ranging from the thousands of views from the United States to just one single view I have received from the People’s Republic of China.

The largest country I have not yet received a view from is Egypt, the smallest country I have received at least one view from is Aruba, where I’ve gotten 24 views from. Presumably this means that Aruba has the most views of the Baseball Continuum per capita.

Number Two: People come here searching for World Baseball Classic news

As part of the whole “continuum” part of the name, I often will stray beyond America’s shores and cover things like the World Baseball Classic. So it isn’t surprising that most of the people who arrive here through search engine do so while looking for WBC stuff:

I have no idea how “orioles logo” [sic] ended up in there.

Number Three: The Biggest, most Busy Day was Rockets Rigby Day

The day where I got the most views was May 15. That was the day that my look at “Rockets on the Mound” was featured over at HardballTalk.

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