Links of the undetermined amount of time: Grantland and Sports On Earth

When I am asked- and I am never asked- where to find the best sportswriting on the internet, I point (well, I would point if I was ever asked) to one of two websites.
The first, and the older of the two, is Grantland. Part of the ESPN empire and run by “Boston Sports Guy” Bill Simmons, it sports a large roster of writers writing about not only sports, but also popular culture. While it can sometimes be hit and miss, and Simmons’ himself is decidedly a mixed bag, it is still a daily destination, especially during big-time sports events.

The second, newer but more focused on sports, is Sports on Earth, a joint-venture between USA Today and Major League Baseball Advanced Media that is like Grantland, only without the pop culture. One of the biggest drawing cards for SoE is the fact that it features Joe Posnanski, one of the best sports columnists on the internet, period.

Check them out.


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