New Year’s Resolutions

So, what resolutions do people in baseball have this year? I have some thoughts…

Stephen Strasburg and the Washington Nationals… play the whole season, and not be shut down during the stretch run.

Toronto Blue Jays… party like it’s the early 1990s.

Houston Astros… try not to lose 105 or more games.

Justin Verlander… throw a perfect game. For any other pitcher, that resolution would seem ridiculous.

Mike Trout… avoid any sort of sophomore jinx.

Albert Pujols… don’t take a month to get going this season.

R.A. Dickey… keep throwing that knuckler.

Cubs fans… be patient.

The Phillies… try to go on one last run.

The Orioles… try to keep the magic going.

The Yankees… it doesn’t matter what I say, I know your resolution is to win the World Series.

The Red Sox… finally make that Mike Napoli signing official. Seriously, what is taking so long?

EA Sports… resurrect MVP Baseball!

Brandon McCarthy… get this fixed.

The Seattle Mariners… try to get Felix Hernandez signed long-term.

Everybody… have a Happy New Year!

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