WBC 2013 Projections: Dominican Republic Version 2.1

It’s time for another round of projections for the Dominican Republic’s World Baseball Classic roster. Those that have already been confirmed fully by the World Baseball Classic organizers are italicized.

As usual, the rules I used in making this roster:

  • Any player coming off a major injury or who has a history of injuries is unlikely to participate. This is especially true for the pitchers.
  • Players that will be on new teams are less likely to participate, but shouldn’t be completely ignored, with the exception of pitchers.
  • Teams are made up of 28 players, of which 13 of them must be pitchers and two of them catchers.
  • The pitch count rules make relievers extremely important.

Manager: Tony Pena

Catchers: Carlos Santana, Wilin Rosario, Miguel Olivo

Wilin Rosario and Carlos Santana have both been mentioned as wanting in for the World Baseball Classic.

First Basemen: Albert Pujols, Edwin Encarnacion

David Ortiz, who is injured, probably won’t take part. Edwin Encarnacion is being put in for him. He was at the press conference announcing the Dominican’s coaching staff.

Second Basemen: Robinson Cano

He’s been confirmed, and he’ll probably be doing most of the work at 2nd, perhaps with Wilson Betemit filling in sometimes.

Third Basemen: Adrian Beltre, Hanley Ramirez

Ramirez could be at shortstop, too.

Shortstops: Starlin Castro, Jose Reyes

Reyes has been confirmed to be playing by the World Baseball Classic organizers, although in theory Toronto could try to make him pull out, since he’s new to the team.

Outfielders: Alfonso Soriano, Alejandro De Aza, Nelson Cruz, Carlos Gomez

Reports are that Alfonso Soriano may be traded. If that happens, it is far less likely that he’ll take part, and will be replaced by Starling Marte of the Pirates.

Utility: Wilson Betemit

Unchanged. A good utility-man is crucial in the WBC.

Starting Pitchers: Johnny Cueto, Edinson Volquez, Ervin Santana, Samuel Deduno

Santana attended the announcement about Pena becoming manager, so I’m presuming he’ll take part. I’ve replaced Felipe Paulino– who only had seven starts last season- with him.

Relievers: Fernando Rodney, Santiago Casilla, Antonio Bastardo, Pedro Strop, Jose Arredondo, Joaquin Benoit, Kelvin Herrera, Octavio Dotel, Jordan Norberto

Dotel and Strop are currently listed a “possibly/likely” on my list. The others’ status are not yet known.

So, basically, the changes from last time are this:

  • Ortiz is out, Edwin Encarnacion is in.
  • Paulino is out, Ervin Santana is in.
  • Cano and Reyes have been confirmed.

Stay tuned for more, and remember that the WBC will be releasing some sort of roster (possibly the preliminaries) sometime this month (January).


3 thoughts on “WBC 2013 Projections: Dominican Republic Version 2.1

  1. Hey, I visit your website everyday for news about the WBC. I’m a Dominican living in the USA. I went to all the DR games in the 2006 classic, and from what I know Alfonso Soriano didn’t like that he was benched in the 2nd round in favor of Placido Polanco in that tournament. Soriano went 0-12 in that first WBC and the dominican press criticized him heavily.

    For the 2nd WBC he never said that he intended to play, and when he was asked to play he declined the invitation. Conventional wisdom is that he won’t play this time around, and I haven’t read any article in which it is suggested that he might play. I believe that at this point it is more likely that Bautista or Melky play for the DR.

    If Melky and Bautista decide not to play, I believe that we will see an OF of Gomez, de Aza and Cruz for the DR.

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