Videos of the Undetermined Amount of Time: Old-Time IL Baseball

Somebody on YouTube has been putting up videos from the 1930s of the Rochester Red Wings. These are home videos, somewhat haphazardly edited but of good quality,

Here, for example, is a video (somewhat haphazardly edited) of games between the Rochester Red Wings and Newark Bears in May, 1932. A rare, close-up view of Minor League Baseball in a era long ago. Among the players in this game include Newark’s George Selkirk, Red Rolfe and Dixie Walker and Rochester’s Specs Toporcer (the first known position player to wear glasses on the field). Hall of Famer Billy Southworth was a player-manager for the Wings at this point of 1932 as well, although I don’t see him at all in this video (although I might have missed him during the various cuts).

Shortly after I wrote that previous paragraph, a video of Opening Day from 1932 was put up, between Rochester and the Jersey City Skeeters. You can see Southworth in this one, as well as Jersey City’s Clyde Barnhart, who had been a regular of Pirates teams in the 1920s, and Jo-Jo Moore, who would later be a 6-time All-Star with the Giants. As a Rochesterian, it was also neat to see a advertisement for the “Zweigle Bros.”, considering that they continue to provide the Red Wings their hot dogs to this day.

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