Videos of the Undetermined Amount of Time: Even More Old IL Baseball from the 30s

Late Friday (but posted early Saturday), I found some old videos of International League baseball, circa 1932. Well, more of them are being uploaded, so here they are:

Rochester Red Wings (Billy Southworth, Specs Toporcer) vs. Buffalo Bisons (Bubbles Hargrave, Heinie Mueller)… with play-at-the-plate action near the end:

Red Wings vs. Toronto Maple Leafs (Rip Sewell):

And also some video from the 1931 “Little World Series” between the Red Wings and St. Paul Saints (the Red Wings won the series 5 games to 3, and this is from game 8). Keep an eye open for what appears to be a cameo by Cardinals GM Branch Rickey at 2:57 with two other dignitaries I can’t quite recognize (anybody who can help me out with this would be much appreciated) :

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