Early WBC News for Feb. 25, 2013

Want the WBC news from overnight? Go below the jump…

There weren’t any exhibition games yesterday, far as I can tell, so this is much shorter than the usual.

I’ve moved forward in time on my Time Warner Cable guide, and it doesn’t list some of the games that are supposedly going to be on MLB Network. It’s possible that it isn’t updated yet, but it makes me worry that maybe what I was told isn’t 100% true. Interestingly, the MLB Network website hasn’t had the March schedule up yet, so it’s possible that the MLB Network schedule hasn’t been finished yet and Time Warner (or whatever company does the guide for them) is just speculating.

Attention Spanish speakers: ESPN Deportes will have Ozzie Guillen doing analysis in Rounds 2 and 3 of the Classic. You are welcome/You have been warned.

Per MLB Network’s Hot Stove: The projected rotation for Team USA will see R.A. Dickey start against Mexico, Ryan Vogelsong go against Italy, Derek Holland go against the lefty-heavy Canadian squad and Gio Gonzalez would start the first game of Round 2, should Team USA qualify. Presumably it would then round back to Dickey again.

Yonhap News has something of a preview of the Korean squad.

The latest Continuum Rankings, adding in the following results: Netherlands over China, Cuba over Taipei, Japan over Australia, Japan over Australia again and Netherlands over Cuba:


1.USA 235

2.Cuba 189.59 (PREVIOUSLY 193.2)

3.Canada 185

4.Dominican Republic 178.56

5.Japan 175.49 (PREVIOUSLY NUMBER 7 at 170)

6.Venezuela 172.28

7.Netherlands 143.3  (PREVIOUSLY NUMBER 8 AT 129.631)

8.Mexico 132.847

9.Puerto Rico 129.309

10T. Korea 90

10T. Panama 90

12. Taipei 89.56 (PREVIOUSLY NUMBER 10 at 94.856)

13.Australia 69.50 (PREVIOUSLY 74.953)

14.Nicaragua 55

15.Italy 50

16T.Colombia 15

16T.Spain 15

18.Germany 0

19.China -22.48 (Previously -19.631)

20.Brazil -40

21.Great Britain -60

22.Philippines -75

23.Pakistan -90

24.Argentina -105

25.Thailand -120

26.Czech Republic -135

27.South Africa -150

28.Israel -165

29.New Zealand -180

30.Sri Lanka -195

31.Croatia -210

32T.Indonesia -232.5

32T.France -232.5

Finally, a gratuitous photo of Bert Blyleven on a motor-scooter.

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