Early WBC News for Feb. 26, 2013

For last night’s news, go here. For today’s news…. go below the jump.

In Asia, warm-up games have resumed:

Samurai Japan’s may have beaten Australia twice, but they still seem to be having trouble with actual NPB teams, as they fell 1-0 to the Hanshin Tigers.

Meanwhile, Team Brazil fell to the Orix Buffaloes 6-2 (the page says 9-2, but that’s a typo). Showing how much they are probably going to miss Yan Gomes, Orix stole five bases during the game.

The Netherlands beat a Taiwanese amateur All-Star team 6-0, with Andruw Jones and Kalian Sams going deep.

Meanwhile, some news on how the WBC is getting baseball some attention in Brazil.

More WBC news later…


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