The 2013 Opening Day II Diary-Blog

If you were foolish/devoted enough to read yesterday’s Opening Day Diary-Blog, you are sure to love today’s Opening Day II Diary-Blog, as I write about the opening games for the teams that had to wait until today to play and maybe a bit on the other teams that are playing today. Go below the jump.

2:16 PM- A little under an hour until the first game of the day begins: Orioles at Rays.

3:06 PM- The last time the Orioles started a season after going to the playoffs the previous year, Mike Mussina started, Johnny Damon was leading off for the Royals and Cal Ripken’s consecutive game streak hadn’t ended yet.

3:13 PM- Also, the last time that the Orioles opening day where they were coming off a playoff appearance was also the last year that a team had a higher payroll than the Yankees- the Orioles had a higher payroll in ’98 than the Yankees. Bizarrely, the Yankees are now behind the Dodgers in payroll this year.

3:19 PM- Matt Wieters goes deep with a 2-out bomb off David Price. Gary Thorne says that was the first Oriole ever to homer off Price. Ever.

3:21 PM- Price isn’t right (sorry), as he just walked Chris Davis. Has been having trouble ever since Adam Jones roped a double with two outs.

3:31 PM- One issue have with the commercials for 42: If memory serves from those news reels they show on TV every now and then, Jackie Robinson had a bit of a high-pitched voice.

3:50 PM- Yeah, David Price seems to be having a bad day. Orioles and swinging and finding the ball pretty easily.

3:53 PM- Wieters vs. Price Round 2 is a very long at-bat…

3:57 PM- The 13-pitch AB ends with Wieters walking to load the bases. This is… unexpected.

4:00 PM- Price gets out of it with a double play, but I can’t imagine this was the start Price had in mind.

4:15 PM- Evan Longoria just made a great one-hop throw to end another inning that looked like it could have become a big one for the Orioles.

4:20 PM- Showing how important those escapes by the Rays were, Ben Zobrist halves the Baltimore lead with a dinger to right.

4:28 PM- Evan Longoria again makes a great play from his knees, getting Adam Jones. He’s good. He is really, really good.

4:34 PM- If you thought Jason Hammel would be out-pitching David Price today, please raise your hand so I can call you a liar.

4:46 PM- The Orioles are in a one-run game. How shocking.

4:53 PM- It’s a tie ballgame after a Jennings double, and Jason Hammel might not be in this game much longer.

4:55 PM- And after a Zobrist sac-fly, it’s 3-2 Tampa, and David Price is now in line for the win somehow.

5:01 PM- There has been a lot of good defense in this game. Make sure you watch highlights later if you get the chance.

5:12 PM- Oh, the AL East is going to be fun this year. Adam Jones gets a 2-RBI double to put the Orioles ahead 4-3.

5:15- They walked Matt Wieters, but Chris Davis then sent a bomb to right field to make it 7-3 for Baltimore. A no-doubter.

5:22 PM- Ryan Roberts pinch-hitting for the Rays. I wonder if he and Brian Roberts had a discussion, and, if so, whether they accidentally called each other the wrong first name.

5:49 PM- A 5-3 put-out just now… except the 5 (Manny Machado) was in right field as part of a shift. Weird.

5:59 PM- A rule of thumb for hitters this season: don’t hit it in Evan Longoria’s general direction.

6:04 PM- Jim Johnson didn’t have a good postseason last year, so it’ll be interesting to see how he does here.

6:11 PM- The Baltimore Orioles have on 7-4 as a double play ends it. I’ll be back at 7 for the Blue Jays- Indians game.

7:33 PM- R.A. Dickey not knuckling in the Skydome.

7:37 PM- I haven’t seen the Skydome– errr.. Rogers Centre… this packed since the 2009 WBC game between Canada and USA.

7:43 PM- Melky Cabrera comes up to some boos.

7:45 PM- On the bottom of the SportsNet (Canadian) broadcast, they briefly showed an advertisement for “42: The True Story of an American Legend.”

7:58 PM- Despite having spent most of the off-season, most of Spring Training and the WBC trying to master catching the knuckleball, the knuckler doesn’t care, as JP Arencibia just had a passed ball.

8:00 PM- And a fielders choice and then hit later, and the Indians lead 2-0.

8:04 PM- He had 3 passed balls so far. (Arencibia).

8:29 PM- Blue Jays in business with bases loaded in the bottom of the third, with no out and Justin Masterson not looking so great.

8:31 PM- A 6-4-3 DP, but a run scores for Toronto.

8:39 PM- Have switched to MLB Tonight, where they are going to be bouncing around.

8:46 PM- Yu Darvish is having a good night so far, having struck out five through 2 innings.

8:56 PM- Asdrubal Cabrera homers to make it 4-1in Cleveland’s favor. When a knuckleball fails, it really fails.

9:17 PM- Well, as you can see, I haven’t been able to make as many observations today, so I’m going to call it. We return to the usual Baseball Continuum tomorrow.

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