The 2013 Opening Day Diary-Blog

Throughout Opening Day, I’ll be blogging. So check back on this thread throughout the day. Go BELOW THE JUMP, since this could get long.

10:00 AM- This thread is posted automatically. I’ll be back later.

10:23 AM- Watching Intentional Talk on MLB Network. I foolishly thought being up early in the morning would calm Kevin Millar down. Wrong.

10:29 AM- Although none of you care, I have two starting pitchers going today in my fantasy team: Felix Hernandez against the A’s and Tim Hudson against Atlanta. Also… aw geez, Brett Lawrie is on the DL now too, joining David Freese. Crud. It’s up to you, Pedro Alvarez.

10:43 AM- The Yankees’ lineup looks like what in previous years would be their Spring Training lineup.

10:50 AM- Going through the Newseum front pages. Will let you know if I see any particularly good ones.

10:54 AM- The Daily News likes to note that both the Mets and Yankees are home today. Note that the link won’t work after today.

10:55 AM- The New York Post has a similar theme.

10:57 AM- In some cities, Opening Day is nice, but in Cincinnati, it’s an actual holiday, as the Enquirer‘s front page can attest.

10:58 AM- Houston Chronicle: “Astros begin new era as winners”

11:33 AM- They’ve gone to the Fan Cave on MLB Network. Sadly, Michael Clair from Old Time Family Baseball wasn’t selected, and I didn’t enter. I have no idea if any of the people there have whimsical baseball blogs.

11:37 AM- Just realized that I wrote that Tim Hudson is going against Atlanta. Of course, he isn’t- he’s pitching against Philly. I’ll keep the error up there as a tribute to live blogging.

11:39 AM- MLB Network will have The Scout as their next movie, for some reason. I guess they ran out of the good baseball movies they have the rights to show.

11:55 AM- It is windy where I am. If the power goes out on Opening Day, it would be a great disaster for me.

12:00 PM- Have turned to Baseball Tonight. Will be switching between, like, five channels if you count Extra Innings package channels.

12:13 PM- The question is- what game to focus on first? I’m thinking Marlins at Nationals, if only because of Strasburg.

12:51 PM- Less than 9 minutes…

1:01 PM- Buckle up.

1:02 PM- MLB Tonight’s new introduction, which seems to take the “players doing cool stuff in their home cities” cue from NBC’s NFL coverage, is neat.

1:07 PM- Extra Innings doesn’t have the Nationals game in HD today, which is a bummer.

1:10 PM- Stephen Strasburg gives up a hit to the first man he faces. Clearly, they need to shut him down.

1:20 PM- Bryce Harper is up.

1:21 PM- Bryce Harper declares this season by hitting a solo shot to right, tying Rick Ankiel for the MLB lead.

1:24 PM- Harper AB now on MLB Network in HD. I predict he will go deep.

1:39 PM- The Red Sox have a 1-0 lead on the Yankees, bases loaded, and two outs. And the crowd is cheering for Youkilis. In the Bronx. BIzarre.

1:32 PM- The Red Sox are now up 3-0 and the pitching coach is on the mound to talk to Sabathia. The Daily News is already drafting headlines, I presume.

1:53 PM- I would like to note that Anthony Rizzo homered a few minutes ago. I have him on my fantasy team.

2:00 PM- Bryce Harper goes deep again. Maybe I should change my NL MVP prediction.

2:06 PM- Full disclosure: I laughed like a giddy schoolboy when Harper hit his second homer.

2:22 PM- The Mets are winning. I think I read somewhere that the Mets have something like the best opening day record.

2:29 PM- Harper is up again.

2:31 PM- Bryce Harper flew out. What a horrible failure.

2:50 PM- Strasburg was taken out after 7 innings, because old habits die hard.

2:59 PM- It has started to sprinkle in Washington. In reality, it’s just the baseball gods crying at how much Strasburg is being babied today.

3:11 PM- Too true:

3:12 PM- Just saw on the bottom of MLB Network that Justin Verlander has never won a opening day start. So, well, I guess the Twins have a chance.

3:20 PM- The Nationals win a quick 2 hour and 10 minute game. Hope you didn’t blink.

3:24 PM- I am now taking a half-hour break from blogging until the 4:10 games get started, unless something really crazy and/or awesome happen.

4:04 PM- And I’m back. In California, Cain and Kershaw will have a war of the aces, while in chilly Minnesota, Verlander faces the Twins. Also starting: Royals-White Sox and Angels-Reds (the traditional opening day).

4:07 PM- On the Dodger broadcast, Magic Johnson is high-fiving the whole team and running on the field to honor the 1963 and 1988 World Series champions. I’m guessing that the 1988 team doesn’t have Kirk Gibson there… he’s kind of busy.

4:09 PM- Meanwhile, in Minneapolis…

4:11 PM- Having trouble with the sound on the Dodger broadcast right now, although the sound for the commercials on the Twins game is working. I know none of you care.

4:13 PM- The sound is again working on the Dodger feed, thus bringing the first Vin Scully of the 2013. And thus, all was right with baseball.

4:20 PM- Torii Hunter gets a bouncing ball through a “trying to cover second” hole and the Tigers now have men on first and third with Miguel Cabrera. Welcome to the American League, Vance Worley!

4:24 PM- I switched quickly to the Dodgers-Giants game and now the Tigers lead 2-0 against Minnesota. Tremble in fear at the mighty starting pitching of the Minnesota Twins!

4:29 PM- Amazingly, Worley gets out of it with only two runs on the board. Here comes Justin Verlander, meaning the No-Hitter watch has begun already.

4:32 PM-

4:33 PM- Verlander strikes out Aaron Hicks. I have to think that’s some type of rookie hazing.

4:36 PM- Meanwhile, in the Bronx:

4:38 PM- Verlander has a hitless first inning (Mauer reached on a Cabrera error). Something tells me he will NOT be pulled at 80 pitches and 7 innings.

4:50 PM- The Yankees are now tied for the worst record in baseball.

5:00 PM- Twins still hitless after two. Meanwhile, a tied game between the Rockies and Brewers after Jon Axford blew a save and gave up a big long bomb to Dexter Fowler.

5:08 PM- Our first extra inning game of the season, as the Rockies and Brewers are in the 10th.

5:15 PM- Joe Mauer, perhaps the one man that Verlander fears, hits a double. So, yes, Bob Feller remains safe.

5:17 PM- Verlander gets angry, strikes out Josh Willingham with a 95 MPH heater.

5:30 PM- Well, time for another brief hiatus. I shall return to amuse and inform all of you sometime between 6:30 and 7:30.

8:35 PM- Okay, so dinner took longer than I expected… So, anyway, while I was gone the Tigers won, Clayton Kershaw got a start on a Cy Young campaign while also hitting a homer, and now Atlanta is beating Philadelphia.

8:37 PM- Oh, and Reds-Angels is in the 13th inning.

8:43 PM- I’m watching Reds-Angels now, and the bases are loaded for Chris Ianetta. He gave the Angels their only run earlier in the game when he had a solo shot.

8:45 PM- Ianetta is the season’s Most Valuable Angel so far, hitting a go-ahead single for 2 RBIs. 3-1 Angels.

8:49 PM- And now Tim Hudson has been chased from the Atlanta-Philly game, which I’m sure the Braves bullpen (and my fantasy team) just loves.

8:52 PM- By the way, folks, if you liked this blog, come back tomorrow for my Opening Day Part 2 Diary-Blog, when I’ll give my thoughts on some of the games tomorrow as teams like the Orioles, Rays and Blue Jays make their debut, and Hyun-Jin Ryu makes his first start in MLB.

8:55 PM- This is cool.

8:57 PM- A rather questionable strike three call, and that’ll be it for the Reds against the Angels. LAA wins 3-1.

9:02 PM- Upton hit his first HR as a Brave. Justin Upton, that is. This is going to get confusing…

9:23 PM- Totally unrelated, but I’d like to note I just got a great idea for a short story. Meanwhile, in baseball, Atlanta now leads by four.

10:07 PM- Craig Kimbrel seems to have shaken off his WBC and Spring Training troubles.

10:17 PM- And so, the late games have begun, and that means that King Felix I, Prince of Safeco, is now overseeing his court.

11:17 PM- Y’know what? I’m going to call it a night to better prepare for another opening day tomorrow. Until then…

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