Continuum Week In Review (6/17-6/23) and the Week Ahead (6/24-6/30)

This past week on the Continuum…

  • MVPs of this week included Giancarlo Stanton, Matt Harvey, Chris Davis, Jordan Zimmermann, Shane Victorino and Zack Greinke.
  • I mused on whether All-Star Voting could hit a breaking point.
  • I covered 2007’s Triple-A Baseball Heroes and then had a brief Twitter conversation with it’s author.
  • I also covered the 2008 sequel to the above.
  • The Dodgers and Yankees had a Twitter-fight.

This coming week:

  • The most unique and interesting Minor Leaguers in baseball, from awesome names to neat stories
  • The daily “MVP of Yesterday” features
  • My All-Star Ballots
  • An updated List of my favorite baseball twitter feeds
  • An answer to that grandest of all questions: Who would win in a fight between all of the namesakes of Major League Baseball teams? This one is over a month in the making.
  • Reaction to any major baseball news.
  • And maybe another installment of Bizarre Baseball Culture.

Good night!

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