The Baseball Continuum $ells Out

You probably will have noticed that there are now more ads here at the Continuum. Well, that’s no surprise, as I have asked WordPress to move me up to the “optimized” version of WordAds, which means that the site will have more ads and (hopefully) I’ll get a bit more money. As always, I’d like to note that this change is not due to any type of greed but rather as a way of improving the Continuum itself, with proceeds going back towards the site, such as paying hosting fees, keeping certain softwares and equipment in order, and perhaps acquiring items for future Bizarre Baseball Culture use.

In addition, you’ll notice that the main header image at the top of the page is gone. This is mainly an aesthetic change to allow for you to see the newest story upon opening the page- otherwise you would have had to scroll down due to the space the top advertisement takes up. In the future, I intend on fiddling around a bit with the theme and perhaps reintroduce the top header image- maybe even a new one entirely- and perhaps get a better format for reading the articles.

If you have any questions or problems, please let me know.



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