Neat Link: Cespedes Family BBQ

While adding in the link yesterday, I realized that there was a site that belonged on the Blogroll that I somehow had never placed in it: The Cespedes Family BBQ. Run by two college students (Jake Mintz and Jordan Shusterman), it features their hilariously offbeat podcast (a recent episode dealt with whether it was safe to eat a baseball and how much Jake’s mom disapproved of the idea), as well as articles on various things, most of them involving their unhealthy obsession with Barry Bonds, shirseys, Yoennis Cespedes, and Backyard Baseball‘s Pablo Sanchez. It all makes no sense, and yet it also makes all the sense in the world.

Their Twitter account is arguably even better.

So, if my “Bizarre Baseball Culture” installments and weird eBay finds aren’t weird enough for you, check out Jake and Jordan’s stuff.


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