So about the podcast….

So, as you saw yesterday, there’s a new thing added to the Baseball Continuum, the Continuucast! I’ll be doing one every now and then from now on, probably. They will range greatly in time, from as short as five or ten minutes to some installments that may be longer than an hour. So what sort of stuff can you expect to see in the Continuucasts?


-Discussions of the latest baseball news or thoughts on teams, players, etc. The first Continuucast, for example, has me discuss the Cubs and the Hall of Fame, as well as some brief thoughts on the Ben Zobrist trade.

-Features like Bizarre Baseball Culture. Some of them are semi-previews of future “official” Biz-BCs, others are side-issues, and maybe some of them will be “official” Bizarre Baseball Cultures.

-“Around the Continuum”, where I pay tribute to the vast scale of the Baseball Continuum by taking a look at what’s going on around the world outside of the usual MLB realm of influence.

-In the future… interviews! Other members of the baseball internet, and perhaps other interesting baseball people!

-Mail-Bag! Do you have any questions for me? Send them to!

-And, no doubt, more things that will develop as the Continuucast goes on.

So, listen to the installment from yesterday, and of course, keep an eye open, as I will be adding it to iTunes and other services sometime in the near future (I want to do a few to get on my feet first).



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