MVPs of the last two days (May 19 and 20): Todd Frazier and Chris Davis

The MVPs of the last two days were Todd Frazier– who hit a 15th inning walk-off on Monday- and Chris Davis, who went deep thrice yesterday.


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MVP of Yesterday (August 18, 2013): Chris Davis

For a brief second of seconds, I considered Alex Rodriguez, if only because his beaning by Ryan Dempster seemed to have fueled the Yankees yesterday. However, the MVP of Yesterday is really Chris Davis, who went 4-5 with a HR and 2 RBIs while also coming around to score thrice in the Orioles’ victory over Colorado.

It’s his fourth of the year.

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Pace Updates on July 5

Chris Davis is currently on pace for 60 HR. The AL Record in 61 (Roger Maris).

Manny Machado is on pace for 72 doubles. The single-season record is 67 (Earl Webb).

Raul Ibanez is on pace for 40 HR. The single-season record for a player 40 or over is 34 (Darrell Evans).

Albert Pujols‘ current HR pace will put him hitting his 500th HR on September 20th of this season.

Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future results.

MVP of Yesterday (June 29, 2013): Chris Davis

With apologies to Adam Wainwright and Justin Turner, the 5-RBI and 2 HR performance for Chris Davis earns him the MVP of Yesterday. With 30 homers before the break, both Brady Andersen’s 50 HR record for the Orioles and perhaps even Roger Maris‘ AL-record 61 could, theoretically, be under threat.

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PACES! (As of May 29, 2013)

  • Miguel Cabrera is on pace for 185 RBIs. The single-season record of 191 is held by Hack Wilson of the 1930 Chicago Cubs. The AL single-season record, held by Lou Gehrig of the 1931 Yankees, is 184.
  • Chris Davis is on pace for 53 HR. The Baltimore single-season record is 50, by Brady Anderson in 1995.
  • Jason Grilli is on pace for 65 saves. The single-season record is 62, held by Francisco Rodriguez in 2008.
  • The Miami Marlins are on pace for either 40 or 41 wins (depending on how you round it). Want to know what other team only had 40 wins? The 1962 New York Mets.

What does this mean? Well, nobody can be 100% sure, since keeping up a pace, especially one of historic significance, is hard. But it’s an interesting thing to think about…

The MVP of Yesterday (April 5, 2013): Chris Davis

The MVP of Yesterday- and a good leader for MVP of the whole first week of play- is Chris Davis of the Orioles, who’s 8th inning grand slam put the O’s ahead for good against the Minnesota Twins. His 4th HR of the season (one in each game, becoming only the fourth player in history to have a home run in the first four games of the season), it also provided four of five RBIs on the day, bringing his season total to 16- the highest number of RBIs this early in the season since the stat became official in 1920. He is the first player to hit a homer and drive in at least three runs in four straight games – at any point in the season – since Bill Dickey in 1937 (source).

So, while perhaps they may have been players who hit more HRs yesterday, or who pitche extremely d well, it’s hard to to argue with Chris Davis.

Honorable Mentions: Prince Fielder, Todd Frazier, Zach Cozart, Barry Zito, Zack Greinke

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