MVP of Yesterday for 6-3-2014 is Henderson Alvarez

The Marlins squeaked out a 1-0 win yesterday, and a big part of that was Henderson Alvarez, who threw a complete-game shutout. He’s the MVP of Yesterday.

Standings, as always, after the jump (trying to figure out how to fix the auto-links…):

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MVP of, well, Today (September 29, 2013): Henderson Alvarez

Due to all of the games ending early, I’m going to call the MVP of Yesterday…. a day early. The MVP of Today, if you will. And, well, you can probably guess who it is: Henderson Alvarez. Y’know, with the no-hitter.

Now, this would normally be the last MVP of Yesterday, what with it being the last day of the season. But, guess what! Tomorrow is a Game 163 tie-breaker, and that means that we’ve got one more MVP of Yesterday coming.

Standings, as always, after the jump:

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