Where You Can Buy “Bizarre Baseball Culture”

Alas, this is not proof that I have written a book about “Bizarre Baseball Culture”, as great as that would have been. Instead, it’s a rundown of places where things I have covered from Bizarre Baseball Culture can be purchased. Also, note that in many cases, particularly with the comics, it probably is cheaper to just look for the individual issue on eBay or elsewhere. In cases where the piece of Bizarre Baseball Culture is in the Public Domain or is available legally for free, I have not included it:

“The Double Trouble Header” can be found on Amazon on the DVD “Pokemon All-Stars: Chikorita”.

Mr. Go is available, with English subtitles, from YESASIA or from Amazon.

“Pinky At The Bat” is available on Pinky and the Brain Vol. 3, available at Amazon.

Action Comics #50 can be found in Superman Chronicles Volume 9, available from Things From Another World and Amazon.

Brittle Innings is available from Amazon.

The Franklin Richards baseball story can be found in the Franklin Richards: Son Of A Genius Ultimate Collection at Things From Another World and Amazon.

Captain America’s “Death Loads The Bases” story is collected in Marvel Masterworks Golden Age Captain America Volume 2, available from Things From Another World and Amazon.

Peter Parker: Spider-Man #33, about Spider-Man and the Mets, can found in
Peter Parker, Spider-Man Vol. II: One Small Break, available from Amazon.

It’s Tokyo, Charlie Brown! can be found at Things From Another World and Amazon.

“The Twisker Pitcher” can be found in Popeye The Sailor: 1933-1938: The Complete First Volume, available from Amazon.

Fallout 4 can also be purchased from Amazon (click the link).

I will be updating this post in the future and will also be including it in all future Bizarre Baseball Culture run-downs.