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Here’s a freelance story I did on Nathan Suyematsu, a multi-sport athlete who is currently playing for the Newark Pilots of the PGCBL.

And here’s a slightly-rewritten repost of my analysis of how much Bobby Bonilla gets paid by the Mets, despite the fact he is long retired.

Random Links/Stories of Interest (Nov. 4, 2013)

Here are some random links and stories that may interest you:

Among the 12 finalists for the “Expansion Era” ballot of the Hall of Fame Veterans’ Committee: Bobby Cox, Joe Torre, Tony LaRussa, Marvin Miller, Billy Martin, Tommy John and George Steinbrenner. I have to think that at the very least Cox, Torre and LaRussa will get in, and Miller SHOULD too (possibly others), although he should have years ago…

Brad Ausmus is now the Manager of the Detroit Tigers.

The Rakuten Eagles won the Japan Series in 7, beating out the mighty Yomiuri GIants. Masahiro Tanaka, the ace who will likely come to America this winter and who had lost in Game 6 for the first time after 30 straight starts without a loss, got the save.

However, the season isn’t over yet for Rakuten, as the Asia Series is coming up in Taiwan. The Asia Series is, as the name suggests, a tournament of the best teams in Asia, although an Australian and now a European team are also involved, partly because Mainland China’s league no longer is professional. However, the Asian Series is often treated as something of an exhibition, at least by the Japanese (Yakyu Baka notes that the Eagles won’t send Tanaka or the foreign players like Andruw Jones to it, for example), and in previous years crowds haven’t been good, especially for games not featuring the “home” team. The teams taking part in the tournament are the Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions (CPBL champions), Samsung Lions (KBO champions), Fortitudo Bologna (European Cup champions, from Italy), Canberra Cavalry (last season’s Australian champions), EDA Rhinos (CPBL runners-up), and the aforementioned Rakuten Eagles (NPB champions).

Finally, there will be more Arizona Fall League on TV this week!

Baseball in the Year 2044: A look at “Rockets on the Mound”

The internet is a great place. Really, it is. And one of the reasons it is great is that you can find practically anything on it. Take, for example, short stories. There are countless stories that are in the public domain, either because they are really old, or because nobody bothered to renew the copyrights on things from cheap pulp publications. It’s from one of those that “Rockets on the Mound” comes from. First printed in 1954 in Super Sports magazine, and written by one Jim Moore, it is the tale of a baseball team in 2044 and it’s star, Rockets Rigby, who is in a horrible hit-and-run flying car accident. Seriously.

But before all of that, check out this picture that goes with it:

First, let’s note the field itself. It has a lot of space, almost circular in appearance. I mean, look at all of those players practicing to the left of the diamond, where they are conducting warmups as the umpires descend with their jet-packs from the stratojet. As this huge amount of foul territory can show, Moore was foreseeing the rise of multi-use facilities, and the Oakland Coliseum in particular. Either that, or whoever was hired to do this image hadn’t seen a baseball field in their lives. Also notice how the fans are dressed. Apparently, in the 2040s, women will all wear pointed witches’ hats and gigantic collars, while all of the men will wear space-cadet helmets. Nobody wears plain-old baseball caps, nor even the hats men wore in public before President Kennedy made them go out of style. Also, the “stratojet” used to bring the umpires in seems to be powered by a rocket and has swept wings. An F-16 flyover it isn’t…

Anyway, a few things to keep in mind before we start:

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