Coming this weekend on the Baseball Continuum…

Nothing new today, folks, as I am busy putting together new stuff for the coming weeks. Here’s a preview of what will be up this weekend:

On Saturday, tune in to read another tale of Bizarre Baseball Culture, as we will see a story involving the rather bizarre superhero known as Doll Man faces off against baseball-themed crooks.

Also on Saturday, you’ll be able to read something on the Norfolk Tides, who just may be the most star-studded sub-.500 team in AAA baseball history, thanks to a confluence of former all-stars on rehab or minor league contract. It’s not every day that you see Brian Roberts and Miguel Tejada have long toss right in front of you, but it happened a few days ago.

On Sunday, we will once again see another Great Prediction in History from an old Baseball Digest, and also some thoughts on the hyper-close races in the AL and NL Eat.

And, of course, there could always be some surprises. This is baseball, after all, so you never know what could happen. There could be a no-hitter. Or a unassisted triple play. Or a 4-HR game. And if something like that happens, expect comment on it here, at the Continuum.

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