The Offseason at The Baseball Continuum: Bizarre Baseball Culture, Breaking OOTP, WBC, Features, Blogathon?

With the postseason over (ironically, the World Series MVP, Salvador Perez, didn’t actually win the Mr. October of any games in the World Series, he was just consistently good), it’s now time to go over what will be going on here at the Baseball Continuum during the offseason.  For the most part, it will be stuff I’ve been meaning to do, but which I have been unable to do so due to lack of time, other commitments, or simply because I forgot. In general, there might not be as many posts during the offseason, but the posts that will happen will on average be of a higher quality and longer length.

  • By the end of the week, you can expect a new Bizarre Baseball Culture, which will be a weird “Ultimate Sports Force” comic involving the early-aughts Cleveland Indians.
  • The new Breaking OOTP, long in development, will be Mario characters vs. Backyard Baseball characters. It should be out by the end of next week, unless I get so sucked into Fallout 4 that I just jump straight into doing a Bizarre Baseball Culture on it’s apparently surprisingly-high level of baseball elements.
  • Lookbacks at old Rochester Red Wings programs.
  • I’ll have my first World Baseball Classic roster projection for Team USA (and, later, Team Dominican). Of course, it’s a long while before the 2017 tournament so it likely will end up being vastly different, but that’s part of the fun, I guess. Expect these within the coming weeks, certainly before the end of November. You can also expect WBC News Updates when applicable.
  • There will be both Famous For Something Else installments (with one today!) and a new feature, Somebody Related To Somebody Famous For Something Else. Those features are basically what you’d think they are.
  • There will, of course, continue to be “Wisdom and Links” at Hall of Very Good.
  • You can expect some SABR-related stuff as well, such as “first references” in Sporting News and such.
  • During the Winter Meetings, if time allows, I’ll do the “Winter Meetings Tweets Of The Day” again.
  • And, of course, you never know what else might pop-up. I’m considering, for example, possibly doing a “Blogathon”, in the tradition of Michael Clair’s old “Old Time Family Baseball” blogathons that he did for charity. I’ll let you all know a bit about that later, maybe.

So stay tuned!



Next time on BREAKING OOTP, the Seattle MARIOners from last time face off with the Backyard Baseball Kids in a 7-game series to determine who is the greatest video game baseball team ever.

Yes, you’ll hear about Princess Peach pitching to Pablo Sanchez. You will learn the result of Angela Delvecchio vs. Bowser. Pete Wheeler might challenge Petey Piranha’s arm!

Look out for it this coming weekend or so.

Coming up in the final parts of the year at the “Baseball Continuum”

I hope you’ve enjoyed the “Best of 2014” features I’ve had in the last few days, they’ll be back later. But coming up as we head into the final weeks of 2014, you can look forward to….

  • One or two last Bizarre Baseball Cultures for the year
  • A year-end Continuum Baseball Rankings update
  • Perhaps another Famous For Something Else
  • More “Wisdom and Links” at Hall of Very Good
  • An Off-Topic article on how much I dislike Sony’s handling of The Interview. That will be today.

So… thank you for coming to the site!

Coming this offseason on the Baseball Continuum

So, baseball’s season may be over, but the Baseball Continuum never is quiet. Here are some things to look forward too over the next few months:

  • World Baseball Classic projections and coverage
  • The return of “Bizarre Baseball Culture”, where I view some of baseball’s more unusual appearances in Popular Culture.
  • An expansion of my Baseball Continuum theory, including a map of the Baseball Continuum
  • More “Great Predictions in History”
  • The occasional foray into non-Baseball stuff
  • And more!

Sunday Links and a preview of the next week

Some links that caught my eye and a preview of what will be on the Baseball Continuum in the week ahead.

On Friday, Miguel Gonzalez of the Orioles defeated the Angels for the first win of his MLB career. He did it while wearing a glove bearing name of his old friend and teammate, the late Nick Adenhart.

The bad news is that Giancarlo Stanton is out of the All-Star Game and Home Run Derby due to knee surgery, but the good news is that Bryce Harper will be the one replacing him in the game

…and Andrew McCutchen, possibly the most underrated player in baseball, will be replacing him in the Derby. He’s no Stanton, but he can still drill the ball.

The United States National College Team and Cuba’s National Team have renewed a series that had been dormant since the 1990s.

The All-Star Game has been held in Kansas City twice before: 1960 and 1973.

Coming this week on the Baseball Continuum:

  • Projections for Team Canada in the World Baseball Classic
  • An argument that Moneyball is a book that has shaped modern America
  • Thoughts on the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game
  • The first episode of this season of The Franchise airs (including the debut of the Continuum’s Ozzie Guillen swear-word scorecard)
  • A review of The Amazing Spider-Man
  • And who knows what else?

Coming this weekend on the Baseball Continuum…

Nothing new today, folks, as I am busy putting together new stuff for the coming weeks. Here’s a preview of what will be up this weekend:

On Saturday, tune in to read another tale of Bizarre Baseball Culture, as we will see a story involving the rather bizarre superhero known as Doll Man faces off against baseball-themed crooks.

Also on Saturday, you’ll be able to read something on the Norfolk Tides, who just may be the most star-studded sub-.500 team in AAA baseball history, thanks to a confluence of former all-stars on rehab or minor league contract. It’s not every day that you see Brian Roberts and Miguel Tejada have long toss right in front of you, but it happened a few days ago.

On Sunday, we will once again see another Great Prediction in History from an old Baseball Digest, and also some thoughts on the hyper-close races in the AL and NL Eat.

And, of course, there could always be some surprises. This is baseball, after all, so you never know what could happen. There could be a no-hitter. Or a unassisted triple play. Or a 4-HR game. And if something like that happens, expect comment on it here, at the Continuum.